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Our Mission Statement

Kingson Mold and Machine is a global leader in liquid silicone rubber mold making, offering manufacturing solutions for the medical, aerospace, automotive, electronic and consumer industries.

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Location: 1350 Titan Way
Brea, CA 92821
Contact: (714) 871-0221



Design & Engineering

Engineering tools and products for any industry

Mold Manufacturing

We ensure precise form, visual appearance, tactile feel, and function!

LSR Production Molding

Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding - fast cycle times, little to no flash

Class 8 Clean Room Services

Clean room reduces the risk of contamination by dust or other harmful particles in the project

Mold Sampling

Performing mold trials to meet our customers first article requirements

CMM Services

Ideal for low to medium production volume projects and prototyping


We offer prototype services for those projects where precise evaluation of form, visual appearance, tactile feel and specified function of the design is required prior to committing to production tooling. In some cases, this is required to provide samples for focus groups or market development sampling, or to simply confirm critical part design features to aid in automated part removal from subsequent high cavitation production tooling.

Prototype facilities include state-of-the-art all electric Liquid Injection Molding equipment. This ensures fast turnaround of prototype parts which, by exact replication of the intended production processing environment. This is extremely important when prototyping dimension-critical and performance-critical functionality.


Clean Room

Some projects require parts to be made in a clean room to reduce the risk of contamination by dust or other harmful particles. In 2019, Kingson had a Class 8 clean room built to comply with laws and regulations governing the molding of parts for certain industries. Unlike traditional suppliers that focus on large volume production runs, we offer support to our customers and can sample our molds in house to prove out FAI (First Article Inspection), prototyping and small production runs, as well as offer a comprehensive solution to production including molding, assembly, and finishing.

Overhaul & Maintenance
We will reverse engineer and overhaul existing molds to meet customers’ needs.